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Dogtown Pizza
St. Louis Style Frozen Pizza

A true St. Louis Original! Dogtown pizza is the newest frozen pizza company based in St. Louis. A true restaurant-quality pizza that you can keep in your freezer and bake for for your customers. Featuring a thin crispy crust, robust tangy sauce, and melty, not stringy, cheese is everything you'd expect from a St. Louis Style Pizza, from their kitchen to yours.

Dogtown believes in local products and strive to support local businesses. Their mission is to use only the freshest ingredients from as many local producers as possible. Their pizza crust is from Vitales Bakery on The Hill, fresh Salsiccia sausge is made on The Hill by Steve Imo and his brothers, and their own signature cheese-blend is the key to giving St. Louisans the flavor they expect.

Dogtown Pizza produces a large variity of pizza's, from tradition chesse, pepperoni and suasage to their unique Hot Wing Pizza or Tomato Basil Garlic Pizza. Each pizza is hand crafted and offers the community a newer, fresher, local choice. It's about family and friends - old neighbors and new neighbors alike. That's what Dogtown Pizza is about.

Dogtown Pizza
Behind the Scenes

great video showing the dedication is takes to make a St. Louis Style Pizza..

Dogtown Pizza
Handmade Fozen Pizza

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Dogtown Pizza
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