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Felchlin Swizterland
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The name Felchlin is the synonym for products of the highest quality. Their success as a producer in a niche market can be attributed to a foundation in traditional production processes, specialized know-how and customer focus.

Felchlin wide product range is continually optimized and expanded to meet the exclusively professional client needs and market demand. Confectioners, pastry cooks, catering companies, industrial producers of confectionaries, desserts and sweets as well as renowned luxury hotels form the basis of their clientel.

Sustainability is defined at Felchlin by showing respect for people and nature when working together. To meet the needs of the present, ensuring prosperity and wealth for all, without compromising the future so that generations to come may also enjoy continued ecological economical prosperity. Felchlin contributes to sustainability by adhering to strict guidelines when procuring cacao. It promotes and works closely with farmers and partners on location with the aim of acquiring sustainable high quality cacao and work places.

Felchlin Chocolates
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Wonderful video showing some of the craftsmanship that makes Felchlin Chocolate so amazing.

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