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Heartland Creamery
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Located in rural northeastren Missouri, Heartland Creamery produces 3,000 pounds of fresh and aged cheese daily. The 17,000 acre farm is the home to hormone free cows and goats that produce naturally fresh creamy milk.

Hand made, fresh goat cheese logs using milk from thier own herd of mostly Saanen goats. Nutritious and more digestible than cow’s milk cheese, goat cheese may be a good alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk. A variety of fresh, cranberry pecan, fine herbs, honey almond, and blueberry vanilla to tempt your palate.

Cheddar-Style cheese is made from old fashion traditional ways along with their own, unique, artisanal method of weaving flavor, aroma and texture into a enjoyable selection of cheddar-style cheese. Heartland Creamery produces both Goat Milk Cheddar cheese and traditional Cow Milk Cheddar Cheese.

Heartland Creamery gouda-style cheeses are a semi-hard natural cheese, pale in color and slightly sweet and nutty. Gouda is considered to be one of the world’s greatest cheeses. It is both a table cheese and a dessert cheese, and is the most flavorful when served at room temperature.

Heartland Creamery
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Wonderful video showing the Heartland Creamery facility in Bethel Missouri

Heartland Creamery
Handmade Fresh and Aged Cheese

Learn more about Missouri Heartland Creamery by visiting their website at http://heartlandcreamery.com/.


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