LaRose Noire Bakery Delicacies and Pastries

LaRose Noire
Bakery Delicacies and Pastries

The state of the art La Rose Noire factory is one of leading producers of fine bakery and pastry products. The company has one of the widest fresh and frozen product ranges available, and is also one of the few manufacturers of frozen, pre-proven dough.

La Rose Noire successfully promotes its new creations - a brand new, trendy and innovative line of straight-edged "Handmade Sweet and Savoury Tart Shell" together with "Cone" and "Baskets". La Rose Noire products are regarded as having uncompromising quality.

All the tart shells are handmade, handpicked and selected to seal in the quality La Rose Noire that has built their reputation over the years. Last minute filling is now a history. Together with the cones and baskets, all tart shells are all hand coated to provide the most convenient help to chefs. Not only they have excellent texture and taste, they can also support additional baking.

Their uniqueness is the very high end quality product. Every product is made from premium ingredients and designed for convenience to reach the upper market.

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LaRose Noire
Bakery Delicacies

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