Milton Creamery - Old Fashioned Artisan Cheese

Milton Creamery
American Artisan Fine Cheese

A family owned and operated creamery located in southern Iowa. The Musser family uses milk provided by local Amish families to produce artisan cheddar and swiss style cheeses. Their stewardship with local farmers is a combination of hard work, ingenuity, and simple dairy farm living. These common values make it easy for Milton Creamery to produce award winning cheeses.

Their four time blue ribbon winning Prairie Breeze is a well-aged white Cheddar style cheese aged for over 9 months. Compared to elite, imported cheese, Milton Creamery also produces the Flory's Truckle cheddar cheese. This clothbound and air dried cheese is aged for twelve months and produces a dry, crumbly textured cheddar cheese.

Milton Creamery used Old World techniques to produce other favorites like Prairie Breeze Mild Swiss Cheese and an unripened spreadable cheese called Quark. Quark cheese is a German Cream Cheese and an excellent substitute for Cottage Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, Cream Cheese and Sour Cream.

The Musser family mixes fresh ingredients, art, and passion to create fine cheese.

Milton Creamery
Inside the Creamery

Video showing the indepth process used to produce Milton Creamery Artisan Cheese

Milton Creamery
Uses fresh ingredients, art, and passion
to create fine cheese.

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Milton Creamery
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