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Gourmet Fruit Products

Since 1946, Ponthier has produced gourmet Fruit Puree's, Coulis, Mousses and frozen fruits. Internationally renowned for outstanding fruit quality, Ponthier remains loyal their founder Maison Ponthier’s concern for quality and tradition.

The fruit is carefully selected from accredited growers, while the traditional recipes are based on recognized know-how. This, along with the personal commitment of Yves Ponthier and his team during tasting tests, is what awakens the sense and makes the difference. Today, the Ponthier range is popular with all chefs worldwide who are concerned about authenticity and champion traditional regional food.

Always close to the land, Mr. Ponthier took advantage of a local treasure: chestnuts. He invented a new cooking and preservation process, creating the first range of pre-cooked, vacuum-packed chestnuts. Known for their lasting quality and flavour, Ponthier chestnuts remain the company’s flagship product.

Ponthier Gourmet Fruit
Inside Ponthier

Video explains the love of fruit that Yves Ponthier and employees share

Ponthier Gourmet Fruit
fresh Fruit, art, and passion
to create gourment fruit products.

Learn more about Ponthier Fruit by visiting their website at http://http://www.ponthier.net//.

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